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Äänistudio: klassinen musiikki

Äänistudio: klassinen musiikki

Äänistudio: Klassinen musiikki

Olen äänittänyt klassista musiikkia mm. Temppeliaukion kirkossa ja Johanneksen kirkossa. Tässä muutamia näytteitä:

  1. 1Epiphany
  2. 2Epiphany 2
  3. 3Bartok
  4. 4H Steven @ Johanneksen kirkko

“Working with Ilkka in my CD ”Musuq Peru” has been inspiring and rewarding. He is reliable, patient, and always open to new suggestions and ideas. He has great respect for the client’s time and knows how to use every single minute efficiently. During the mixing and mastering sessions, Ilkka showed a refined ear for the subtleties and colours of the orchestra while adjusting sounds and balances in order to create a unified whole. He has a great potential and I would encourage other composers to work with him.”

Composer Jimmy Lopez, Ph. D. University of California at Berkeley